AT(SA) Qualifications


Who is AT(SA)?

AT(SA) is a unique partnership between the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and the Accounting Technicians South Africa (AT(SA)). It is a South African-based organisation built on strong national and international partnerships.

AT(SA) delivers a range of qualifications tailored to suit the needs of South Africa. This range includes specific local government and public sector accounting qualifications.

This professional body makes provision for membership and qualifications specifically aimed at entry- to mid-level financial staff. It is the only professional institution that conducts accountancy examinations at the Technician Level in South Africa. The skills gained from studying with AT(SA) underpin the accounting profession. These skills are integral to the success of an organisation, and are at the heart of ensuring the smooth running of any accounting department.

As qualified members of AT(SA), graduates are entitled to use the respected and valued MAAT designation after their name. Many employers see this as essential when hiring.

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What AT(SA) accounting qualifications does Credo Business College offer?

At Credo Business College, you can study the following AT(SA) qualifications, all of which are credit-bearing qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Click on the course names below for more information, and to find out whether a specific course is available via distance learning, blended learning, or both.

Why study the AT(SA) qualifications?

  • Gain entry to the programme even if you don’t have Matric.
  • Earn an industry-recognised qualification.
  • Gain practical, real-world skills that every business or government organisation needs.
  • Earn the right to use the prestigious MAAT professional designation behind your name.

How does it work when you register for an AT(SA) course with Credo Business College?

  • You will receive your study material via courier once you have sent in your registration forms and proof of payment.
  • You will become a student member of AT(SA) (for the year in which you register for your studies).
  • You will have access to academic support from qualified tutors via email and via the online portal.
  • Depending on which training option you’ve chosen, you will complete your course via either distance or blended learning.
  • Once you have completed all your coursework, you will be able to take the final assessments. If found competent, you will receive your certificate from SAICA and FASSET.

How long will it take to complete the AT(SA) qualifications?

This depends on you. On average, students take approximately a year to complete each level, which means that it usually takes around three years to complete a full qualification.

When you study via Credo Business College, you complete one module at a time, at your own pace. You receive a study timetable as a guideline, but you can decide to write your exams when you are ready. This means that you could potentially complete your course early.

For each level (NQF3, NQF4, NQF5) that you complete, you will receive a certificate. These certificates can each be seen as standalone qualifications. Together, they make up the full AT(SA) qualification in your chosen stream.

Will an AT(SA) qualification help you to find a job?

This is probably the most frequently-asked question when it comes to the value of the AT(SA) qualifications. And while no qualification can ever guarantee you a job, holders of the AT(SA) accounting qualifications are known to be highly sought after by employers, largely due to the technical knowledge and practical skills that they acquire through their training.

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